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Next-Gen Stationary Batteries

August 11, 2021
A Virtual Conference

Advanced batteries are the key to energy independence, striving to fulfill the call for de-carbonization. Decreasing battery costs opens the door for a variety of applications; however, each application has their own performance needs, allowing diversity in battery chemistries, materials, architecture and ancillary technologies. Join battery manufacturers, technology developers and providers, and energy storage installers, end users at Next-Gen Stationary Batteries 2021 and learn how advancements in batteries and battery systems can optimize energy storage operations and ROI with case studies, applications, trends, and technology advancements from industry thought leaders.

If you are involved in energy storage discover deployments, codes, standards, recycling, disposal, and market dynamics.

If you manage and maintain utility-scale battery systems learn to prevent battery failures, safety trends, new standards and certifications.

If you are responsible for data-centers and UPSs discover the ROI and Total Cost of Ownership of different battery chemistries, include capital acquisition cost, power consumption for charging, floor/rack space, and cooling expenses.

If you are involved in renewable energy hear how different battery configurations and augmentation provide improved resiliency.

If you are involved in the battery industry hear market trends, material supply chain considerations, where technology investments are being made and growth expectations.

If you are a battery manufacturer discover sustainable battery material supply chains, advancements in battery manufacturing and new technologies.

Technology Developments & Integration Strategies

• Battery Material and Component Advancements

• Battery Design and Manufacturing
• Advantages with Chemistries/Type
• Battery Management
• Extending Battery Life
• Power Management
• Recycling/Refurbishment

  • Resiliency to Disruptions and Downtime

  • Cost, ROI & Investment Deferrals

  • Selection, Installation

  • Software and Analytics

  • Smart Grid Solutions

  • Charging Networks

  • Battery Monitoring and Testing

Meet the Speakers

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What To Expect at Our Virtual Conferences

  • Live-streamed video presentations with interactive Q&A with the speakers. Ask questions in real-time with industry experts and find solutions for your operations.

  • All sessions are recorded for on-demand play-back at your convenience.

  • Participants can request/accept private 30 minute video meetings; have in-depth conversations, network and connect.

  • Chat with other participants in the Networking Lounge throughout the day.

  • Visit the feature-rich virtual exhibit hall to see how the latest products and services can best help your operations.

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