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Advanced Lead Bipolar Batteries for Grid Storage
Reed Shick Ph.D., Director of Core Technology • Advanced Battery Concepts


Grid storage is necessary to enable large scale utilization of renewable energy.  According to research from MIT, Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS) should be at or below $0.025/kWh to enable transitioning to renewable energy utilization.  A whole new paradigm for energy storage is needed to meet this challenge.  The solution should be green, safe, 100 percent reused/recycled and be able to be implemented anywhere on the globe.  The low cost energy storage coupled to renewable energy generation allows green energy to be a cost effective, standalone power provider, able to completely control when and how they supply power to the grid.  A closed loop energy storage facility where batteries are made, used, disassembled and remanufactured within the energy storage facility can achieve LCOS below $0.02/kWh. Advanced lead bipolar batteries have the potential to meet these criteria. Large individual advanced lead bipolar batteries of 15-20kWh are a better design for low cost grid storage.  Although the base technology exists, several manufacturing advancements are needed to achieve this goal. Based on current failure mechanisms, 2,000 cycles are possible.  Cost of manufacturing for the battery would be below $15/kWh for a safe, domestically produced battery which does not require any new mined materials. 

Reed Shick Ph.D. is the Director of Core Technology at Advanced Battery Concepts. Dr. Shick has over thirty years’ experience in Research and Development and Business Foundation and Growth, with over ten of those years in renewable energy and energy storage. Dr. Shick has an excellent track record of developing technology for commercialization at large companies such as the Dow Chemical Company and smaller companies such as Covaron Inc. Dr. Shick has been a board member of both non-profit and for profit corporations. Dr. Shick has a PhD. In Physical Chemistry from the University of Michigan and is very involved in his community serving several township government rolls. 

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