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Startup/Early Stage Spotlight

Liquid Metal Batteries for Clean Energy
David Bradwell, CTO and Co-Founder


Ambri was founded in 2010, as an MIT spin-out. Ambri’s batteries are uniquely poised for success in long duration energy storage markets with CapEx at 25 percent below 4-hours in Li-ion systems and have a 20+ year lifespan with minimal fade. The batteries are safe with no gas generated or thermal runaway.  They are developed with commonly available materials. The batteries have been successfully tested by a top 3 global data center provider, and there is strong interest from utilities, IPPs in gridscale energy storage market. Ambri is considering technology licensing to high volume manufacturers or build, own operate manufacturing plants. Ambri has raised $85 million to date from Bill Gates, Khosla, Total, GVB, and KLP.

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