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Startup/Early Stage Spotlight


Rapid-Custom Manufacturing for Next-Gen Batteries

Dr. Rajan Kumar, CEO & Founder Ateios

Ateios is developing an innovative battery manufacturing process by creating novel
formulations of electron beam (e-beam) curable, battery composite inks. These composite inks are made up of functional particles and long polymer chain that crosslink when ionized by a shower of electronics. E-beam curing is a promising technology for its curing speed (>940 m2/min), non-destructive processes completed at room temperature, and the simplicity of adding an e-beam emitter compared to the long thermal runners that are currently in use. Ateios successfully closed a $1.25M seed round at a $6.25M post-money evaluation in September 2020 giving Ateios an 18-month runway. 

Dr. Kumar developed the core technology during his doctoral research in printed electronics under the advisement of Professor Todd Coleman of UCSD, a pioneer in wearable medical devices. Dr. Kumar will be actively leading research and development while providing support to the business model and market research. Dr. Kumar has eight years of research experience ranging from drug delivery, lab on a chip, and semiconductor fabrication to polymer chemistry, printed electronics, and wearable medical devices. Dr. Kumar is a fellow of National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program in printed, conformal electronics. He has authored over 15 publications in the field with numerous applications from medical devices, energy harvest, and energy storage. Rajan is a leading engineer in the field of nanotechnology and holds a B.S. in Nanoscience from SUNY Polytechnic, an M.E. in Nanoengineering from UCSD, completed his thesis in particle-polymer composites in summer of 2019.