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How Big Can This Get: Future Market Growth and Forecasts for Next-Gen Batteries
Sam Jaffe, Managing Director • Cairn ERA

This session will be an exploration of market acceptance, adoption rates and future total addressable markets of next-gen batteries and the materials going into them. It will build on Cairn ERA's battery market forecasts, segmented by end user demand and by new technology accepatance. Additionally, the talk will discuss forecasts for next-gen battery feedstocks, including sulphide electrolytes, silane and metallurgical silicon and other important elements of the supply chain.


Sam is the founder and Managing Director of Cairn Energy Research Advisors. He has more than ten years of experience as an analyst, consultant and executive in the energy storage industry. Prior to Cairn ERA, he has worked at Navigant Research and IDC as an analyst and has also served as CEO at Panea Energy and Cygnus Energy Storage. He is an authority on battery usage on the grid, transportation and consumer electronics. He is an accomplished public speaker and a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and events throughout the world. He is frequently quoted in multiple press outlets, including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and CNBC.

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