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Interested in Giving a Presentation or Joining a Panel Discussion?

Next-Gen Stationary Batteries is currently accepting presentation and panel abstracts. Being held August 11, 2021 as a virtual conference, the event will explore stationary battery advancements, including chemistries, materials, architecture, as well as integration strategies, ROI, case studies and solutions. Attendees will include battery researchers, manufactures and suppliers as well as energy storage value chain integrators, utilities and facility managers. 


Speaking slots are not tied to sponsorships and speakers receive a complimentary pass to the conference.

We are seeking battery and energy storage experts to discuss stationary battery advancements and integration.  Speaking sessions should be timely and speak to current issues, including but not limited to:








Contact Shannon Given, program director, for details on speaking at the conference.

Next-Gen Stationary Battery Development Track

  • Battery Material and Component Advancements

  • Battery Design and Manufacturing

  • Advances with Chemistries

  • Battery Management & Power Management

  • Extending Battery Life

  • Recycling/Refurbishment

  • Improving Capacity & Power Density

Next-Gen Stationary Battery Integration Track

  • Energy Storage Cost & ROI

  • Battery System Selection, Installation

  • Software and Analytics

  • Smart Grid Solutions

  • Charging Networks

  • Battery Monitoring and Testing

  • Safety

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