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Dr. Imre Gyuk is Director of Energy Storage Research.jpg

Keynote Address

Energy Storage: Advances and Trends
Dr. Imre Gyuk, Director of Energy Storage Research, Office of Electricity, U.S. Department of Energy

Grid energy storage is a key to modernizing the power grid and unlocking a broad array of economic and societal benefits. During this keynote presentation you will learn about recent Energy Department accomplishments in energy storage and learn about future R&D plans.

Dr. Imre Gyuk is Director of Energy Storage in DOE’s Office of Electricity. He originally joined DOE to manage the Thermal and Physical Storage program. For the past 2 decades, he has directed the Energy Storage research program, which funds work on a wide portfolio of storage technologies for a broad spectrum of applications. He supervised the $185M ARRA stimulus funding for Grid Scale Energy Storage Demonstrations and is now partnering with the states on numerous projects for grid resilience. Dr. Gyuk’s Program includes research on materials, devices, and systems; it also funds work on analytics, policy, finance, and most recently, social equity. In 2014 he initiated an Energy Storage Safety Program at DOE. The program develops codes and standards, researches safe practices, and explores mechanism for thermal runaway. His work has led to 12 R&D 100 awards, and two Lifetime Achievement Awards. He is internationally recognized as a leader in the energy storage field.

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