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Safety Trends in Large Scale Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems

Chris Wright, Executive Director • E3 Consulting


An overview of the risks and associated safety-related trends for utility-scale lithium-ion battery energy storage systems.  This presentation will include a discussion of the major safety risks in lithium-ion battery systems and industry trends for ensuring safety from the battery cell through installation.  Upon a review of the risks and safety trends, a review of existing and emerging standards and certifications will also be presented. 

Mr. Wright has over twelve years of renewables and energy storage experience and is currently the executive director with E3 Consulting.  Since joining the energy storage sector in 2010, he has developed applications and use cases for renewables integration, load shifting, frequency regulation, demand charge reduction and self-consumption in the utility scale, C&I and residential segments.  His energy storage experience includes system design, equipment selection, and technology evaluation of numerous lithium ion and emerging battery technologies to identify optimized solutions for various markets and applications. 

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