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Solar + Storage + EV Charging: Use Cases and Applications

Liam Weaver, Senior Solutions Engineer • Enel X


As more businesses offer electric vehicle infrastructure at workplaces and electrify their fleets, offsetting the cost of electric vehicle (EV) energy consumption is both a challenge and an opportunity. By leveraging solar + storage with managed EV charging, facilities can reap significant energy savings, further decrease GHG emissions, and increase facility resiliency. Enel X will share solar + storage + EV charging use cases and discuss the modeling process, business impacts, tariff changes, and optimal metering strategies. We will also discuss how stationary battery energy storage can complement existing managed electric vehicle charging strategies, as well as theorize how it will react to potential more widespread Vehicle-to-Grid technology in the future. We aim to address:

  • What software and analytics can be applied to optimally operate battery energy storage and managed EV charging?

  • What are typical costs and ROIs for solar + storage + EV charging applications?

Liam is the lead Solutions Engineer for California and the Western US markets at Enel X. Liam analyzes the potential for behind-the-meter distributed energy resources (DERs), designing around economic value streams for storage and solar + storage systems. Liam also has extensive experience in Transportation Electrification, and prior energy industry experience includes work with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Knoxville Utilities Board, the US Department of Homeland Security, Greensparc Inc., the California Public Utilities Commission, and the New Zealand Green Building Council. He has a MS in Energy Engineering from UC Berkeley and an Honors BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of Tennessee.

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