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Effective Fire Suppression Systems in Advanced Batteries is Imperative to Ensure Safety

Ed Ruggles, CSO • Fireaway Inc.

Mike Pagel, Senior Consultant • Hazmat Safety Consulting, LLC


This presentation will provide an overview of how Fixed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing Systems can reduce the risks and enhance safety for small to large utility-scale lithium-ion battery energy storage systems.  This presentation will include a discussion of the applicable standards (UL 9540, 9540A, NFPA 2010 and 855) and testing that has been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of Fixed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing Systems. The presentation will also discuss and explain the advantages of using Fixed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing Systems over other fire suppression systems such as water sprinkler systems including cost, reduced installation burdens (e.g. no piping or manifolding required), avoidance of damage to equipment, lack of human health concerns and ease of cleanup. 

Ed Ruggles has over 28 years of fire suppression experience and is responsible for all global sales activities at Fireaway Inc. His fire suppression background includes design, equipment selection and testing of various suppression solutions including clean gas, dry chemical, inert gas, foam, and aerosols.  Since joining Fireaway in 2017 his key focus has been the promotion of Stat-X Aerosol fire suppression providing innovative solutions in green energy markets and applications  including ESS, BESS, Gas Turbine Generators, and  Wind Turbines. 

Mike Pagel is a Senior Consultant with HazMat Safety Consulting. As a consultant specializing in safe storage and transport of lithium batteries, Mike partners with clients to improve their battery safety programs. This includes creating customized training courses, conducting on-site storage and transportation compliance audits, and developing company SOPs. Mike supports a range of clients with battery compliance, including producers of medical devices, electric vehicles, consumer electronics, power tools, cells, and battery packs.

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